About Us

We are proud of the sauces that we make and want everyone around the world to experience what we've accomplished making. With full of flavor this gluten free all natural low sodium sauces are here to please any type of pepperhead. These sauces will complement any type of dish, even go great as a marinade and injecting protein. Very diverse sauces you can do and pair anything with. Douse it on some popcorn for a snack and give your vegetables some zing to them. Whatever your passion is with your food Sabastians Sauce will sure to give it lots of flavor and enhance the flavor of it. You can't go wrong adding great hot sauce to your food. 

We thoroughly search for ingredients that are gluten-free and that are not processed in a plant with wheat. 

These hot sauces are smooth and silky with a bite. 


Our hot sauces are a must have complement to any meal. We believe that our sauces will enhance the flavor for any dish. You can even use as a marinade to give your food an abundance of flavor and give it spice. The acid in our hot sauces breaks down the muscle tissue in protein to make it tender.

We chose the Doberman for our mascot on account of the love and respect we have for them just like we do for our sauces. Our Doberman is a mobility, therapy and retrieving working service dog. We go through countless hours and years of training so he/she can be a Good K-9 Citizen to be out in public helping the handler out. It's an amazing thing what animals can do and what you can teach them to do. 

We are spreading our love through our sauces so you all can enjoy. This is our passion and our unique blended sauces. Get your hands on these sauces so, you can put some flavor and spice back in to your life.

 As soon as you get this into your hands, you’ll want to take it everywhere with you. That is why we came up with a carrier device that will hold a bottle of your favorite Sabastians Sauce! You won’t want to leave home without them.

Our hot sauces are a great conversational starter when you are out dining with a group of friends or around family members at gatherings or anytime anywhere.